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Application Form Guidelines

Complete the below application form step-by-step in as much detail as possible. The icons alongside the headers serve as a guideline tool to clarify the response required - in order to view the guideline text, simply hover over the (i) and a text box will appear.

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Product Type

Asset Details

Company Details

Directors / Shareholders / Members / Owners

Please provide details of all the directors/members and shareholders of the applicant. Please use the 'ADD MORE' function to add additional directors/members and shareholders. If the one or more of the shareholders are juristic entities, please ignore and simply complete the natural persons involved.
Please provide details of the company or person responsible for the below business functions relating to the applicant. We require this information in order to confirm the details provided in this application and to communicate any landlord waiver requirements or asset cover requirements needed to conclude successful applications.

Auditors Details

Landlord Details

Insurance Details

Bank Details

Please provide us with the details of your trading bank account. Successful applications will be required to make payment of the rentals subject the rental agreement via debit order.

Authority & Consent

The Applicant certifies that to the best of its knowledge and belief the information it has given Redtree Capital is correct and it is not aware of any matters or circumstances which it has not disclosed to Redtree Capital in writing which might influence Redtree Capital’s decision. The Applicant warrants that there are no writs, summonses, judgments, petitions, winding up orders or pending applications for liquidation or threatened against the Applicant or its directors/shareholders.


I/We hereby consents to you (Redtree Capital (Pty) Ltd) or its cessionary/ies making enquiries to its credit records and trade references with any credit reference agency or any third party to confirm the details provided and confirm that this consent shall apply in every respect to every director, shareholder, member and/or associate of the Applicant. As signatory to this application I/we hereby indemnify you or your cessionary/ies against any claim that may be made against you or your cessionary/ies by any director, shareholder, member and/or associate of the applicant by virtue of this consent.


All accountable institutions are required to identify their clients as required by the Financial Intelligence Centre Act No 38 of 2001. We therefore consent to you carrying out identity and fraud prevention checks and sharing information relating to this application through the South African Fraud Prevention Service.


Please upload the required documents below. Note that we may, subsequent to your application, require additional documentation from you. A member of the Redtree Capital staff will be in touch with you should we need more information to make a decision.
Companies: Copy of registration certificate; Copy of Memorandum of Incorporation;
Trust documents: Copy of the trust deed; Copy of the Master’s Authority Certificate
Current Tax Clearance Certificate and VAT Registration Certificate, Latest available EMP201 document submitted to SARS, not older than 3 months